Easy Dog Training Tips For Beginners

A Few Dog Training Tips For Beginners

How to train a dog

First of all, you must realize that you will be training your dog constantly, around three or four times per week, which will make your dog improve their focus and learn correctly the different tricks and techniques. To perform the training sessions it is necessary to take our dog to a quiet place, with no other dogs, annoying noises, or people constantly passing by. It is also required to take some treats to reward our dog when they execute the exercises correctly.

Repetition is the Key to Better Dog Training

Our dog must know we are happy because he’s done well. We also should not stress them too much by training for more than one hour. During training sessions with your dog, teach just one order at a time until he learns it correctly, experts even recommend training just one exercise a day, even if your dog learns it quickly in one session. Additionally, give them the orders in the same way in every session to avoid possible confusions, and choose a time of the day for the training sessions with comfortable weather for your dog.

Do not lose patience

Training a dog is relatively easy and it’s super fun, nevertheless, it’s fundamental to know the correct way to approach the training. Be careful you don’t fall into any of the next common mistakes people make when they are training their dog:

  • Never yell or hit your dog.
  • Do not lose patience.
  • Do not punish or torture your dog.
  • Calling your dog in different ways besides their name.

Dog Training Tips For Beginners

How To Teach your dog to sit

First, I’d suggest you take your dog to a calm place to start the training session. When they sit, we shall congratulate them, give them a price and caress them a bit. We must repeat this exercise constantly until our dog sits with just hearing our order, without us having to pressure their back at all. It could take some days for your dog to fully learn to sit alone.

Remind your dog of his new trick often

It’s important to repeat this order during the day, like before feeding them. This way your dog will remind what you’ve done in training. This exercise is done telling our dog simply “sit”, and when they do it, we must take one or two steps back, without turning away.

Order them to sit again and take a few more steps back each time, then ask them to come to you and reward them and caress them afterward. The goal is that your dog learns to stay sit despite you being some distance away.

Teach your dog to come to your call

This technique can be learned by your dog very quickly, all you have to do is trick them with a little food prize, like a cookie or a sausage. Call them by their name and show them the prize, if they do not come to you, try changing the treat.

Practice this a few weeks, after this time, do not reward them each time with food until there is no need to reward them at all, It is important to congratulate them every time.

Teach your dog to walk by your side

It is necessary to walk our dog with a leash no longer than three feet long. Start walking at a medium-speed pace and be careful that your dog never tries to go in front of you. If your dog tries to go in front, take a 90 or 180 turn in your walk making them loosen up the leash to follow you.

This is one of the most difficult things to teach your dog, don’t be discouraged if it takes you several weeks to achieve it.

Teach your dog to lie down

To teach our dog to lie down, it is necessary to teach them how to sit in the first place, as it is part of this exercise. Give your dog the order to sit, and when they do it, we will hold a treat with one hand and put it near his mouth but without letting them catch it. With your dog still sitting down, slowly take away the treat for them to lean downwards, while with your other hand, tap very softly on his front paws so they stretch them and lay down.

While your dog is about to accomplish the task, you can lead them by saying”down”, and when their stomach touches the floor say “yes” to them and reward them with their deservedly earned treat.

When to start training your dog?

Dogs need training as a way to channel all their energy. When they are six months old we can start playfully teaching them some tricks, however, when they become one year old is the perfect time to engage in training sessions that are a bit more serious.

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